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Ain’t it Grand?

Greetings from the Grand Canyon…. many of my tours are here either directly, via Sedona or as part of a multiple day trip. So many of my short “mobile blog posts” will likely be from here.

Interesting Canyon fact of the day… I will keep it basic for now. The ENTIRE canyon is in Arizona. The north rim is NOT in Utah. It is 277 “river miles” long. The river I refer to is of course, the Colorado River.

Off beat sighting of the day, Pronghorn Antelope just east of Williams.

Stupidity witnessed today… going north on SR 64, with a few miles to go, with a line of cars ahead, and actually going the limit, not under…. a few cars decided they needed… NEEDED to pass. Oncoming motorcycle had to drive on shoulder to avoid being hit. Idiots. As I approached the gates to the park, couldnt help but notice I got in before the passers. They ended up in a longer line. INSTANT KARMA.

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