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Happy Friday from the red rocks…

Today’s Arizona Scenic Tours blog comes from Sedona. Sorry, no canyon today. Well, drove through Black Canyon. And near Oak Creek Canyon. So… there are canyons around. Montezuma Castle is still there. John, the volunteer ranger there is awesome! Stop and say hi. I have gotten quite a bit of AZ info from him. Like… Bisbee is the southern-most mile high town in the US. Didya know that?

So… after a visit to Bell Rock and Chapel of the Holy Cross, it was on to Uptown Sedona where I am now. Just had a famous hot dog at the Black Cow Cafe. Cool place, great ice cream cones… been coming here since I was a kid.

Tangent! Grown Ups is an awesome movie. Dude asks Adam Sandler guy if he gained some weight. He answers, yeah since I last saw you when I was ten I think I did. Hahahahahaha.

Ok, Im back in Sedona now. If you have been here a few times, maybe you have not been to the Sedona Heritage Museum. You should check it out! At the top of Jordan Rd outside of Uptown. Open 11 to 3. Sedona was founded on apple and peach orchards. The museum is on the grounds of one of the old orchards. $3 or $5 with audio tour.

Ok… Stevo out.

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