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Aerospace tour in Tucson today!


Aerospace tour in Tucson today, with a side dish of Spanish Mission history. First stop was Titan Missle Museum… awesome one hour tour! The only remaining Titan II Missile silo left thanks to Ronnie Reagan and the SALT treaties with the USSR. No Angelina here. Go into the silo and experience what it may have been like for crew members on a 24 hour shift waiting to press the big red button! Actually they were more concerned with testing the propulsion systems as they typically failed. The warhead was possibly the most stable item in the silo!

Now, here at Pima Air and Space Museum which is by far the best aircraft exhibit on Earth. About to grab some lunch…

Wild AZ fact: If AZ were to become a separate country it would have the largest Air Force in the world, due to all the aircraft stored on the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB!

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