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Happy Halloween from Tombstone!


Today we’ve got four peeps from Scotland visiting Tombstone! They are in Phoenix for a Great Dane Dog show. GREAT SCOT! Did you know the phrase Great Scott! was brought about to honor General Winfield Scott of the Union Army? Did you know another Winfield Scott, this one a Major in the Army and a chaplain was the namesake for Scottsdale, Arizona? Before that, the area east of Phoenix was called Orangedale due to the orange groves throughout the area.

So here I am in Tombstone. Where Ed Schefflin was told he would find his tombstone. Well, he sold his mining claims for a small fortune and died a rich man long after naming the town Tombstone to spite the naysayers!

While here, be sure to visit the Tombstone Courthouse Museum. One of the best historical spots in Arizona. Stop and get some fudge at Boothill Graveyard. Go on a haunted stagecoach tour! Eat at Big Nose Kates… Doc Hollidays girlfriend who was called that because she stuck her nose in everyone elses business!

Alright pardner… round em up and git to that there trick r treatin!

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