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Getting to Know Arizona – An Introduction

How much do you know about your home state? How many people do you know that are native to your state? How far back can you trace your ancestry and how many of those roots stay in your state? This tells a lot about where you live and the culture of your state.

Arizona has a very unique history and culture and much of it is directly due to the questions above. It would be very difficult to find anyone in Arizona over the age of 35 that is an Arizona native. They are out there, sure… but odds are you will have to ask a few people before finding one. The older the person you ask, the worse your chances of success. Let me disclaim, that there is one area where this is not true. Over 25% of the land in Arizona is Native American owned. So ask there, and well… you get the point.

So, beyond the Native American population in Arizona, the growth in population here is quite recent. The first boom was during the mining claim years during the mid to late 1800s. The next booms were during WWI and WWII. Both World Wars brought much growth to Arizona. WWI mostly due to the needs for copper and WWII mostly due to technology. Motorola set up shop here in 1948, just after the war as an example. However, the population of Arizona did not reach 1 million until 1960.

The speed of growth would then accelerate. In the next 25 years, the state population would grow to over 3 million. The 6th largest state in land area would be the 25th largest in population. Another 25 years later…. and we stand at over 6.5 million and are now the 16th most populated state in the US. When your state population grows by 650% in 50 years…. there are a LOT of people that have arrived RECENTLY that were born elsewhere.

So what do we have? A lot of people here in Arizona from varied places around the world. A lot of different cultures blending together. A lot of people that do not know much about the early years of Arizona. The prehistoric ancient times. The ancient tribes. The Spanish Period. The Mexican Period. The American Period.

I would like to help you to learn, bit by bit, the background and history of Arizona. For those of you that do not live here? Read posts in this series to learn about Arizona…. and let it motivate you to learn about your own state or country. For those that live here, tune in to eventually learn where the words “Arizona” and “Tucson” came from, why Why is called Why, why Arizona had to wait until 1912 for statehood instead of 1911, why our state flag looks like it does, why pioneers were suddenly so unsafe here when the Civil War began and much more.

So have your friends and family follow my blog, and follow or like my Arizona Scenic Tours page on Facebook, or follow @azscenictours on twitter, so you can keep up with the posts, under the heading “Getting to Know Arizona”.



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